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Living Echoes

The First 150 Years of Piano Music from New Zealand


54 works by 32 composers for pianists from beginner to early-advanced levels. 

With two CDs recorded by Ludwig Treviranus.


Publised by Sunrise Music Trust and edited by Gillian Bibby.


Here are 54 of the most charming, scary, funny, and dancing pieces of the piano music of New Zealand's first years, written by 32 composers over 150 years.  Their manuscripts were mostly unpublised - until now.


The music is suitable for a wide variety of pianists.  Some is very easy and can be played by beginners.  The pieces become successively more advanced, up to Grade 7 level.

Selected Works

Berceuse - George H. Clutsam - Ludwig Treviranus
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Rotorua (Boiling Mud Pools) - Thomas Haigh - Ludwig Treviranus
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"A valuable insight into the early cultural life in New Zealand, providing us with a snapshot of our musical heritage.  It is as if we are taken into the drawing rooms of the pianists and composers of the time."


Dr Rae de Lisle

Head of Piano, University of Auckland

Paul Schramm - What a Silly Joke - Ludwig Treviranus
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Two Little Birds - Frank Hutchens - Ludwig Treviranus
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